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Shot Blasting & Relining
Renewable linings for steel filter vessels where the existing internal lining has failed or past its service life.
Filter Maintenance
Filter Relining
All our filter linings come with up to a 5 year warranty, this ensures our customers are well protected against the abrasive nature in a filter vessel internally.

Like most things, filter linings have a time when they become inaffective and start fail. Using the best materials on the market today that ensures your filter vessel internally is protected against the corrosive chemicals and abrasiveness of the filter media.
Our linings range a between a glass flake reinforced epoxy to non reinforced epoxy coating which can be applied with both hand application and airless spray.

All vessels are prepared by shot blasting internally to remove the existing lining and to give a prepared surface for adhesion of the new lining.

  • 1 – 5 year warranty options
  • Abrasive Resistant
  • Chemical Resistant
  • High Adhesion properties
Do you have a GRP vessel? Thats OK we can offer internal Relining if your filter is leaking. See our GRP relining page
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